Put sustainability in our mind throughout the production process.

Kingwood was awarded the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates as an accomplishment of complying to the standard of industrial requirements. We were also rewarded several certificates relating to government relationship, factory management, and staff welfare.

We promote green balance between our business and the world we live in. The wood material we use complies with the Forest Stewardship Council’s principles, our process of production meets the LEED requirement and the products we deliver are low VOC which can achieve the IAQ guidelines.


OHSAS18001, certificate of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems was awarded to Kingwood in 2014, to acknowledge that Kingwood factory complies with local laws and regulations, concerning employee’s physical and psychological health. They commit themselves on creating, keeping a healthy and safe working & living environment for the staff of Kingwood.


ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate was awarded to Kingwood for their high quality output of furniture and installation throughout the region. Every production detail is carefully documented and assurance control is taken care to the final detail.


ISO 14001 environmental management system was awarded to Kingwood for their dedication to environmental protection. From the supply of raw materials to the last production process, Kingwood emphasizes environmental protection throughout all its manufacturing process.


The certificate was awarded by SGS that our composite wood products have a low formaldehyde emission which comply with the requirements of the California Code of Regulation.


The High Quality China Supplier certificate was awarded by a major trade organization as Kingwood has successfully earned the confidence of many customers.

Dupont Glass

Kingwood passed the non-tempered glass laminating qualification process of Sentry Glass in 2013. Dupont Glass Lamination Solution can be applied throughout the glass work for display cabinet to make the glass strong and more protective.

Cleaner Production Partner

The production facility in Kingwood is always under close inspection by industrial organizations and the local government. The clean and safety certificate demonstrates the approval from these official parties.

Labour relationship

Kingwood was awarded one of the best labor/ company relationship enterprise as employees ’welfare and working conditions have always been a top priority in the company’s development.

Advanced Enterprise

Kingwood’s factory is highly automatic in production workflow, and therefore was awarded the advanced enterprise in safety production in DongGuan China.

Top 10 foreign enterprise

Kingwood was awarded one of the 10 most important tax providers to the local government.